Dani-tech Group is a trading and manufacturing company with 73 employees in the sales of hydraulic and transmission components, hereof 55 in Denmark. We are Denmark's largest supplier of hydraulic pumping.
The company moved in 2007 into our new domicile in Haderslev Business Park, near motorway exit 68, only approx. 60 km. north of the German border.

Dani-tech group has a subsidiary in Holland and a branch in Sweden.

We give our customers useful advice, a high level of service and flexibility as well as the market's widest programme of quality products within hydraulics, mechanical transmission and electronics. Our customers are manufacturers of machinery for the manufacturing, wind turbine, agricultural, transport, forestry and fishing industries.


Dani-tech A/S, Denmark. 7,800 m2 store and production.


Dani-tech Support A/S was founded in 2000 in cooperation with Henrik Skannerup and is today our machine factory. The factory provides us with great flexibility in connection with special tasks as well as a growing production of hydraulic cylinders.

Our customers make greater and greater demands on us. Therefore, we have chosen to have our own machine factory, which is Dani-tech Support. The aim is to be more flexible and able to offer larger packages to our customers.

Dani-tech Support is dealing in particular with the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders, manifold blocks, and miscellaneous tasks related to delivery of finished packages. We produce mainly large hydraulic cylinders, representing in Solid Works 3D and our 3 CNC centers to ensure uniform and good quality.


Dani-tech Support A/S, Demark. 1,132 m2 production.


Dani-tech BV in Zoeterwoude in the Netherlands was founded in 1996 with Jan Peter Klijn as co-owner.


Dani-tech BV, The Netherlands. 3000 m2 store and production.


Dani-tech A/S' branch in Sweden is located in Malmö in the southwest of Sweden.

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