Product news from HP Hydraulic

Group2 High backpressure gear motors, designed for better performance:

HP has developed their program of Group 2 gear motors (this also includes low noise) with SAE A flanges and updated them to meet the markets most demanding requirements for high rpm and high backpressure on the tank line.

HBP gear motor

  • Higher backpressure: 25 bar constantly against normal 10 bar
  • Improved max. speed: 4200 rpm constantly against normal 3500 rpm
  • The motor has among others a cast iron front and back flange, FKM sealings, which can obtain high temperatures at higher rpm.


Hydrostatic pumps with several varieties of automotive control:

HP has expanded their program of automotive pumps to cover their customer's needs. Among others, it is now available with hydraulic pilot operated change of flow direction; they have a 2-speed-solution and offer the possibility of automotive and pilot-operated control.



  • Automotive control, combined with pilot-operated change of flow direction. This makes the L-control particular suitable for ATEX approved applications.
  • Electrical 2-speed-solution, which can reduce the speed with an electric controlled valve and thereby the speed of a vehicle.
  • The hydraulic control of direction of rotation combined with an electric controlled on/off-valve allows switching between automotive and ordinary pilot-operated control.


Electronic Box to control fan motors on coolers:

HP has developed new controllers, which offer interesting and very useful technical solutions. The new SMAT FAN and SMAT POWER FAN electronic boxes are user friendly, effective and especially environmental friendly due to their electrical function, which does not involve the use of oil or other contaminants.


  • SMAT FAN can control up to 4 brushless DC motors with integrated electronic control and activated by analogue temperature sensors.
  • SMAT POWER FAN can control up to 2 hydraulic motors with proportional and/or with on/off valves and 2 electric motors.
  • Both types can control direction of rotation, startup ramp and min/max rpm of the fan.
  • Both boxes have LED lights as status signal.


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