2017 starts with a fusion

Fusion 2017

Director Mikkel Mørch (right), Danitech Production A/S and CEO Arne Iversen, Dani-tech A/S in front of the new factory building at the motorway exit Vojens


The manufacturing companies H. C. Petersen Maskinfabrik ApS and Dani-tech Support ApS were consolidated on January 1st, 2017 in order to exploit a number of synergies in both production and administration.

The director of the corporation will be the former co-owner and director of the H.C. Petersen Maskinfabrik ApS, Mikkel Mørch, who also is co-owner of the merged company.

The new company will be named Danitech Production A/S and enters the Dani-tech Group as an independent and strong manufacturing company. Besides Danitech Production A/S, Dani-tech A/S consists of a subsidiary, Dani-tech B.V.  in the Netherlands, and a sales office in Malmö, Sweden.

In conjunction with the consolidation, Danitech Production A/S will in 2017 be moving to new and larger premises at Melskov Alle 10, 6100 Haderslev, which the company has acquired and takes over on February 1st, 2017.

Danitech Production A/S has two separate production departments
One department specialises in metal machining - especially in stainless steel, Duplex and Super Duplex, but also parts in aluminum, brass, bronze, POM and black iron are processed with great expertise. The focus here is on turning and milling of parts in both high and low numbers.

Besides Traub and Mazak machines, the machining department just purchased a new Star long-turning machine for high-volume production. The machining department has also purchased a DEA 3D-measuring machine for more advanced items, including special items for the robot industry in aluminum, which is a growth area for the company. The customers come from food processing manufacturers, aerospace industry to robot manufacturers.

The second department produces high-quality hydraulic cylinders. Short lead times and high flexibility in number of units is an increasing demand by their customers.

Currently the department produces hydraulic cylinders in iron, but in the future the company will start the development of cylinders in stainless steel. Customers range from the mobile industry, environmental and waste industry within the automation of agriculture.

Furthermore, investments in further automation and robotisation of the cylinder production will be made.

The merged companies enjoyed healthy growth in 2016 and Danitech Production A/S expects further growth in the coming years, as well as they will ensure high quality through the quality systems ISO9001 and ISO14001.

Danitech Production A/S continues with all existing employees and managers, who look forward to offer existing and new customers more options for processing, measuring, assembly, surface treatment, painting and more. The staff will be expanded by a technician for planning, 3D-drawing and sales.


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