30 years Dani-tech A/S

Arne Iversen Danitech

April 1st, 2017 Dani-tech A/S is celebrating its 30 years' anniversary and I want to thank you all for staying with us and for your loyalty. You have been a part of our success.

I feel that there is still a lot for us to do, and that Dani-tech has great potential in the market. This means increased export and production of valve blocks, power packs, hydraulic cylinders and increased production at Danitech Production A/S.

Danitech is a family owned company and the new generation is partly taking over from next year. My son, Rasmus Iversen, will join the Dani-tech team and in 3 years his younger brother Mads as well  ̶  both are engineers.

Nothing has changed in the ownership; nothing has changed in our financials. Though we will use the 30 years´ anniversary to change our marketing profile to market us as the company, we are today. During the coming month, you will see our marketing transformation.

We take the hyphen out of our name and have redesigned the Dani-tech logo, which represents us as a modern technical company - you can see the new logos here:

Danitech Group:

Danitech Systems:

Danitech Components:

Danitech Service:

Danitech Production:

In the future we will market our company as containing the following business areas:

Danitech Systems - part of Danitech A/S: sale of systems
Danitech Components - part of Danitech A/S: sale of components
Danitech Service - part of Danitech A/S: sale, service and assembly work
Danitech Production A/S - part of the Danitech Group: production of machined parts and hydraulic cylinders

The manufacturing companies H. C. Petersen Maskinfabrik ApS and Dani-tech Support ApS were merged on January 1st, 2017 in order to take advantage of a number of synergies in both production and administration. The new name of the company is Danitech Production A/S. The company will during the summer move into a newly bought 2000 m2 production plant, located only 200 meters from our headquarters.

As a result of this, we will get more space at our headquarters. Our service department will expand to 600 m2 with a new 300 kW test facility to be very flexible on repairs of pumps, motors, PTO shafts etc.

In 2017 our new homepage will be brought online and we will introduce a new webshop, which will increase the internet sale and the usability of this function for the benefit of our customers.

Some of you will ask, what about Arne Iversen? Yes, I will still be here for the next 9 years and I will be there, until my sons have gained full understanding of the business and the relations that are important for the company - maybe a little bit longer than that.

We will celebrate the 30 years with a big party internally with all our employees, which are the most important valued source we have.

I want to thank you so much for the past 30 years, I have so many fantastic memories with you, that I am highly appreciative of. There are smart guys in the market telling us that business is business  ̶  but for us business is relations, trust and loyalty with people.

Feel free to contact me in case you have questions.

Best regards

Arne Iversen
CEO Danitech A/S

T: +45 76 342302
M: +45 2321 4220
E: ai@danitech.com

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